The Medication Assistant II has the legal responsibility to safely administer medications to a resident in the nursing home. If an error occurs while administering medication the consequence to a resident could be severe and result in the hospitalization or death of a resident. Because of the responsibility of a MAII the following policy will apply: To pass the class you will have to study at home and it is highly advisable you do not work during the duration of the class. Working during class may decrease your chance of success. A score of at least 85% is required on each test.  The passing test scores are determined by the North Dakota Health Department and DTN must follow the health department regulations.

(All students will read, initial and sign this document on the first day of class).

I understand that if I score less than 50% on a chapter test, I will not be eligible for further testing and completing the class. Initial _______

I understand that if I do not pass a test for chapters 1-4, 5, 8, 9, 11,13/14 I will be allowed only one retake of the chapter test.  Failure to pass the retake will result in failure and dismissal from the class. Initial _______

For chapters 7,10,12,15, and 17 I will be allowed to retake the test a second time and I may re-take a maximum of two tests a third time. Failure to pass the 3rd attempt will result in failure and dismissal from the class.  Initial _______

Chapters 6,18, 19, and 21 are open book tests and I will be only allowed to take the test one time only. Failure to pass the test will result in failure and dismissal from the class. Initial _______

I understand I will need to retake any failed test the next class day. Initial _______

I understand that if I have a test in my possession, I may not use my cell phone or leave the testing area at any time. If I take a phone call or leave the testing area while the test is in my possession, I understand the test will be scored and the grade recorded.  Initial _______

I understand that I will not have a smart watch, IPAD or any other electronic device on my person while taking a test. These items and all notes, worksheets and books will be placed on the floor or on a table as directed by the instructor. Initial _______

I understand that if I fail the class, I may enroll in the next class for $350.00.  Initial _______

If I wish to try the class a third time, I will pay the full class fees. Initial _______

I understand that all test answers, marks or calculations must be written on the test answer sheet only. If I use any other piece of paper or a second answer sheet to make notes, that is considered cheating and I will be dismissed from the classroom. Initial _______

I understand if I help any other student to cheat on a test in any way I and the student cheating will be dismissed from the class.  Initial _______

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Date: __________________________

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