January 1, 2019

As Dakota Travel Nurse has grown, we have vastly expanded our scope of services and our coverage area. This led us to wonder, does the name Dakota Travel Nurse still reflect who we are and what we do? In June of 2018, with the help of the MABU Agency, we sought to answer this question.

Through the feedback of hundreds of employees and from facility leaders we work with, we discovered a new company name would better represent who we’ve grown to be and better position us for the future. The name DTN Staffing quickly became our first choice as we brainstormed many ideas.

Over the years, our company name has naturally evolved to be referred to by the acronym DTN. Many of our corporate documents have abbreviate the company name to DTN. “DTN” holds on to our “Dakota Travel Nurse” heritage. The term Staffing clearly defines what we do. So concisely, “DTN” is who we are and “Staff” is what we do.

Beyond a new company name, we created a new logo and have solidified our mission, vision and values to further define who we are, what we do, where we aspire to be and what values we live by. We are pleased to present these to you as follows:


We deliver excellence to those we serve by offering flexible, dependable staffing options and uniting healthcare providers with highly qualified professionals.


We will remain the Midwest’s premier healthcare staffing agency by continuously growing in our services and commitment to quality.


Teamwork, Respect, Excellence, Compassion

Since 2007, DTN Staffing has provided staffing services to hundreds of healthcare organizations, first originating in the state of North Dakota but have since expanded into Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Montana, and South Dakota. Staffing services include RNs, LPNs, MAIIs, and CNAs along with X-ray techs, EMTs, housekeepers, and culinary staff.

Although our name has changed, our commitment to the facilities we serve and our staff that work tirelessly in those facilities has not changed.

Moving forward, you will begin to see all of our materials, email and domain names, and other branding items as DTN Staffing. To learn more about DTN Staffing, visit our website at www.DTNStaffing.com or call the corporate office at 701-667-2884. Like us on Facebook and connect with us on LinkedIn.